Alaska Prefab Garages

Alaska Prefab Garages

Alaska prefab garages are really a very good way of building your garage efficiently. A number of these prefabricated garage solutions may also be really eye-catching, and also since the floor plans have already been effectively planned out the purchase price is truly less than designing and constructing your very own customized garage in most cases.

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The important points you will need to learn prior to buying a prefabricated garage kit are if you want to have the company assemble the actual garage kit, or if you may try it for yourself or utilize a regional builder. There are advantages and disadvantages to every single process. It really is fairly unusual that the company provides overall location groundwork plus set up services, however numerous that could execute a complete deal for a sizable added charge.

If you’re aiming to build it yourself you may then need to restrict the length together with the sophistication of the garage design that you acquire.

Alternatively, in case you use a neighborhood builder, you should make certain that they already have a lot of knowledge of the Alaska prefab garages kits. If you get a local contractor who is accustomed to executing things their own way you could be off to a rocky commencement if your contractor just isn’t accustomed to following instruction manuals.

It’s also wise to realize that almost all Alaska Prefab Garages include the garage components by themselves and won’t include site planning, providing main power services to the garage, or setup foundation fabrication. Each of these will be furnished by either your own self or maybe your contractor earlier than constructing your prefabricated garage kit. 

What makes Alaska metal buildings different?

Alaska prefab garages are very unique. Because they are prefab, you can build your prefabricated garage up to 50% faster than a traditional building.

These metal buildings/garages also offer superior energy efficiency compared to most other prefab buildings.

Another advantage of a prefab metal building over a traditional building is that these require less maintenance and upkeep because of their metal construction.

Alaska Prefab Garages have been around for many decades, so there are many different types of designs to choose from, giving you the freedom to design your metal building/garage to fit your needs today and for many years to come.

Lastly, Alaska Prefab Garages are cost-efficient due to the materials used and their superior energy efficiency rating.

What is a prefab garage?

Prefab garage is another term for prefabricated building or prefab building. A pre-manufactured steel building that is sold factory-direct with little assembly required on your part.

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Most people refer to these as Alaska prefab garages because they are manufactured in our state, but there are other manufacturers who build this same type of structure with different specifications.

What is a prefab building?

Prefabricated or pre-manufactured buildings are built in a factory and then brought to where they will be set up. The common term for this is Alaska prefab garages, but there are other structures that fit under the definition of a prefab building such as steel buildings, storage units, office trailers etc.

How big can I have my metal garage/building?

The standard size for an Alaska prefab garage is 20′ x 40′, but they can be built up to 50′ wide. There are also larger sizes available upon request at different price points.

Can I design my metal building/garage?

Yes! Most of the time the standard size is fine for your needs, but there are times that you may need a custom shape or size. You can customize just about anything with these buildings such as adding windows and doors where you need them, making it wider or taller than the standard size, etc.

What type of roofing comes on these garages?

Most standard Alaska prefab garages come with a standing seam metal roof. Some other options are smooth steel, standing seam metal with pre-punched holes for fasteners, or corrugated standing seam steel. You can also order any type of roofing that you would like to have on your building including asphalt shingles, roll roofing/TPO, rubber membrane roofs etc.

What type of siding comes on these garages?

Most standard Alaska prefab garages come with either Stucco or Smooth Plywood panels. What is included depends on the style you choose. You can also order anything else such as brick veneer, stone veneer, cedar shakes etc., but this will often incur additional costs and require a longer lead time.

How long does it take to get a standard size Alaska prefab building?

Once you order an Alaska prefab garage, the normal lead time is anywhere from 7-10 weeks depending on your location and what type of roofing & siding you choose.

What foundation do I need for my metal garage/building?

These garages have a floor panel system that rests on top of your foundation. The panels are pre-punched so all you have to do is lay them down and fill in the gaps with gravel or crushed stone. It also comes with an anchor bolt kit, so all you have to do is mount this to your concrete slab and attach the panels to each other using the same bolts.

Is there any type of insulation in these buildings?

Yes, most Alaska prefab garages come with galvanized metal siding and R-13 insulation throughout the walls and roof. You can also choose to have your building outfitted with additional insulation for more energy efficiency rating points or if you think you will need it with whatever use your building is designed for.

What colors are available?

Alaska prefab garage structures are built in a standard color palette which consists of red, blue, brown/grey or tan/white steel depending on the manufacturer. This is powder-coated when ordered so this color will not fade when exposed to the sun over time like painted buildings after years of exposure. We can also order a custom color if you do not see what you are looking for.

Is there an option to have windows and doors included in my building?

Yes, most of the time windows and doors can be added to your Alaska prefab garage without much difficulty. This will require additional lead time, so it’s best to consider this when ordering. There are also options available such as steel mesh security screens that go over the openings if security is a concern.

Can I include solar panels on my metal building?

You absolutely can add solar panels to any metal structure including these Alaska prefab garages. The panel mounts attach directly using standard roofing screws which makes it easy for anyone to install them with no special training needed. These garages are also an excellent place to mount the panels if you want to put them out of sight.

Is there a warranty on Alaska prefab buildings?

Yes, Alaska prefab structures do come with warranties that vary by manufacturer. This is something that you should research before making your decision as it can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. The standard warranty for these buildings is typically 10 years on the basic structure and 25-30 years on metal siding & roofing. It’s important to note that this does not apply if it is damaged due to earthquake, wind or fire; but this will often cover other factors such hail damage, etc.

Do I need a building permit for an Alaska prefab shed/garage?

Most of the time these will require a building permit depending on where you live which is something that should be verified before ordering. This also depends on what type of foundation you use, whether you choose to have an attached garage, etc. It’s something worth looking into before placing your order as it typically cannot be added later on.

What are installation options if I do not have a driveway? If you do not have a traditional concrete slab for this structure to sit on, there are options available such as treated wood blocks or even dirt pads that can be formed with compacted gravel fill. This does however incur additional costs and may take longer to install using these methods versus simply pouring a concrete pad which is more common.

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