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10 x 10 Garage – What Size Do I Really Need?


Compare Steel Buildings Prices and save up to 30%!

For Wood Building pricing, click here.

What overall size garage building do you require?

A new 10 x 10 garage can potentially be utilized as a workshop, storage garage, or warehouse structure, and it’s really the simple design that is perfect for a do it yourself setup. There are so many elements that will have to be considered when determining the size of your garage.

Building Use:

What will be the end usage of the property? Shall the structure employ a single function or maybe multiple functions? For illustration, might you feature a home business or maybe have you been planning for added space for your RV? Does your current equestrian barn might also want to shelter hay along with agricultural equipment? Choose appropriately so you’re able to make use of the metal framework in the most beneficial approach and then determine the sq footage necessary.

Location of Garage:

Get the readily available space suitable for the metal building? How large is generally the area you’re planning to assemble your building? What is the outline of the space you’re likely to build the structure? Are there any easements active on your residence? Why don’t you consider the parking space if you use this for industrial or business utilization? Resolving all these basic questions provides you with an idea of how much area you have available for the all new structure.

Width of Garage:

As you consider just how much sq footage you’ll want for that structure and the orientation with the area existing in the site, you will definitely be all set to decide the external measurements of the assembly. Are you aware of width is the most important characteristics for construction uses. Any time unblocked room is definitely important, the accessibility of open space provides you to definitely design the space in any manner you like, with sufficient of space or room for unburdened maneuverability. Garage buildings may very well span as much as 150’ with no interfering support posts. Benefit from structure and support posts within your structure in the event you never necessitate any kind of spacious and unobstructed construction.

Length of Garage:

garage building lengths and widths are in 10’ steps. If you have ones own plans and blueprints, they’re able to design it depending on your demands. Coming from a point of view of the layout, you can easily fabricate any size of structure.

Height of Garage:

Select the finish application of the structure definitely tactfully since it is an important aspect. The peak for the garage building is in fact determined from the side wall membrane which is known as the “eave height”.To illustrate, if you need a 14’ very high entry to allow an RV, therefore one will probably require at the very least a 16’ eave distance off the ground. Also for everybody who is incorporating a mezzanine area or even a 2nd storey, you must have no less than 20’ high side wall structure. The peak of your building used in manufacturing facilities, plane hangers, trucking and so on is established with the related equipment you are making use of and stocking.

Potential Future Expansion:

Be sure you foresee whether or not you need to extend your structure in the foreseeable future. The great thing is, attaching framework to your end walls on the garage building isn’t hard and cost effective, through ordering more support frames. You’ll want to keep in mind also the placement of the structure within your yard, letting space for all long term growth.


Though everyone is going to be controlled with the monetary budget created for a building endeavor, strive to think about upcoming scenarios. Obtaining a plan that could be too small to meet your needs defintely won’t be cost-effective in the future.

What direction to go next?

Prefab Garage deals can vary a bit among states for the reason that every structure is individually manufactured using the necessary architectural variations to satisfy localized blowing wind and compacted snow load prerequisites. Fill in the above form now so as our skilled and competent suppliers can assist you right away in selecting an ideal garage building package for your future building job.

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