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20 x 20 Garage – What Size Do I Really Need?


Compare Steel Buildings Prices and save up to 30%!

For Wood Building pricing, click here.

Just what are the dimensions of the garage building that you require?

The 20 x 20 garage could be used as a car workshop, garage, or storage building, and it is the clear span structure is ideal for a do it yourself installment. There’s so many elements which need to be contemplated while selecting the dimensions of ones garage.

Building Use:

Did you ever considered the end use of the garage building? Will your structure employ a single functionality or possibly many different uses? For instance, are you planning to employ a home business or perhaps even do you think you’re planning additional storage space just for your Motorhome? Why don’t you integrate a whole lot more storage space in your barn and give protection for your hay and also barn machines? Thinking through the best different methods to reap the benefits of your metal building might help in pinpointing how much square footage should be used.

Location of Garage:

What exactly is the existing area for the structure? What’s the area of the property that you have planned to make the structure? What’s the outline of the spot you are likely to build the structure? Do you need whatever easements at the assembly site? If this is a commercialized or industrial company, exactly how much room would be needed for auto parking? It’s best not to disregard those basic questions and guesstimate the room you will have with regards to your building.

Width of Garage:

If you have determined what amount of sq footage necessary for your garage building combined with shape and size of the property on the building site, it may be much simpler for you to identify the actual physical size of the building. Do you realize width is really the most important characteristics regarding building uses. In the instance that open and unobstructed space or room is crucial, the unobstructed area will allow you to construct the space in almost every method you would like, together with respectable amount of room available for problem less ability to move. Garage buildings can potentially span approximately 150’ without requiring structure and support posts. When the buildings functionality does not need a wide open span assembly, it usually is more economical to work with a structure by working with structure and support posts.

Length of Garage:

Generally the length for garage buildings increases by 10’. Though, in case you have precise designs, they can structure a new building to your technical specs. Should you visit depending on the standpoint of design and style, truth be told there is undoubtedly no control on the size on the structure which you could produce.

Height of Garage:

Decide the finish application of the structure very respectfully because it is an integral element. The peak for the garage building is certainly calculated through the side wall structure which usually may be known as the “eave height”.Consider it’s important to build a 14’ high entry for you to easily fit in any Camper, you will want 16’ eave distance off the ground. If you intend to add in the second floor or possibly a section of the building or demand a mezzanine, you might need at the very least a 20’ high side walls. Exactly what the height in the building intended for hangars, trucking structures, and warehouses can be based on your equipment that you pile and employ.

Potential Growth:

You will have to envision whether you would expand your framework at some point. Introducing framework on the end wall membrane on the garage building is very practical and low cost, by just preparing additional frames. Think about typically the placement of the building in your land, protecting room for virtually every even further enlargement.


Despite the fact that just about everyone is going to be controlled by the investing budget intended for a new building project, aim to consider future occurrences. Selecting a configuration which is too small to your requirements is definitely not economical once time has passed.

What exactly is the next move in the process?

Prefab Garage special offers may differ a little between states because just about every structure will be individually engineered using the critical design variations in order to satisfy local strong wind and compacted snow load requirements. Fill in the above mentioned form right now so our veteran and competent vendors can assist you without delay when shopping for an ideal garage building package for ones potential building undertaking.

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