3 Car Metal GarageA 3 car garage doesn’t come often in neighborhoods. This is because owning three cars at any one time is close to impossible for a lot of families. But this doesn’t mean that a garage for 3 cars can easily be ruled out when homeowners plan on installing a garage in their lot. What can possibly fuel the need for a garage for 3 cars? The possibilities are endless, as a matter of fact! This is because a garage nowadays is simply not just a garage — a place to store cars. Find out what homeowners can do with this type of garage in their home.

Uses of a 3 Car Garage

If the space of the homeowner’s lot permits the addition of a garage for 3 cars, then it is highly suggestible that homeowners opt for this choice over smaller sized garages. This is because homeowners can truly maximize the use of their yards once they support a garage with a bigger capacity. The extra spaces can be converted into any manner of storage or recreation space for the homeowners, so that single car or two car owners can still benefit fully from installing one.

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The space inside a 3 car garage can serve as alternative rooms for offices, toolsheds, workstations, and rooms. Where renovation can prove expensive, a garage can simply fill in and provide the quickest and affordable solution for problems in space. Plus, one of the ports can be easily converted into a small cottage that homeowners can use as a means of escape and a space that they can call their own.

In addition, the extra spaces serve as ensured protection for the cars of guests who visit frequently in homes. Homeowners can also never truly know how many cars they might need to store in the future. Kids who are eventually gifted new cars for their personal use would certainly thank their parents for the insight of installing a 3 car garage when the time to use them comes.

Types of 3 Car Garage

A three car garage can come in many types and designs. The material really depends on the budget of homeowners, who can choose one of the following: wood, vinyl, metal. There are other materials that are used for garages, including cinderblock, but the choice lies on the taste and the environment of the homeowner.

As for the design, homeowners can go for prebuilt looks or customize their own designs. A few prebuilt designs include the barn type and the ranch type, where each design option is themed specifically to achieve a certain look. Customization is an option homeowners can choose, especially if they want a unique look for their garage. Custom designs can be made to complement or mimic the existing exterior design of the house, emphasizing the architecture and make of the latter but never compromising its own appearance.

For those who are ready to buy their first garage, they should seriously consider getting a bigger type of garage. Homes which need extra storage or living rooms may be easily solved with one 3 car garage building.

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