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Building An Attached Garage Has Great Possibilities

Attached Garage – For homeowners who are on their way to buying their first own car, there are a few things that must be carried out by way of preparation. One of these is the construction of a garage to store the car. A garage not only serves as a way to protect any vehicle from incurring damage brought about by weather and other accidental occurrences. It also secures the vehicle from crime and any intentional attempts to it. Plus, owning a garage means endless possibilities by way of a storage house, and with a little creativity, even the smallest attached garage can be converted into the most productive or elegant part of your house.

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Attached Garages Advantages

The perfect garage may be a crucial element of a home, providing storage space for cars, gardening supplies, tools, sports equipment, motorcycles, and other items. Garages, however, are not a one-size-fits-all answer. What works for one family or home may not work for another.

If you’re looking for a new home, you can decide before purchasing or building a house with a garage. You can also pick between an attached garage and a detached garage.

While attached garages are not as flexible as its counterpart, the detached types, they still offer a range of advantages for homeowners. For one thing, this type of garage can save a lot of space in the lot, which can be made more useful through practical gardens, landscaping, and other outdoor amenities such as pools. Or, they can simply save ample yard space for the kids to use for play and for pets to roam around on.

This type of garage also enhances the overall look of the home. When the homeowners believe that the exterior symmetry of their home is lacking, they can simply add a garage beside any wall they want. Access to the road is also closer in some cases when a garage is attached to the home. Limitations in yard space definitely forces homeowners to think about the size of the garage they want, and an attached garage serves as the best solution for the dilemma.

Another great advantage of this type of garage is that access to it can be direct. A homeowner simply needs to include a door from the main house to the garage when the contractors are settling on a building plan. This serves as a very secure measure for car owners to alight from their vehicles and enter their homes. The privacy of the car owner is also protected, since a door leading to the main building prevents people from spying on the movements of the car owner.

Attached Garages

Attached garages, as the name suggests, are garages that are attached to a house. Typically, a door in these garages goes to the inside of the home, creating an extension to park a car and store a variety of family and household belongings. Attached garages, the most typical choice for dwellings, are often pretty uniform in shape and size.


Attached garages provide numerous advantages to homeowners, including:

  • Easy to use, especially in severe weather
  • Car parking, storage, and office space
  • Less expensive to construct
  • Capable of using the home’s electrical and heating systems
  • Meets the requirements of the homeowner’s association
  • Possibility of increasing house value
  • There are adjacent storage facilities and freezers.


It is considerably easier to bring pets, children, and groceries inside with a connected garage, offering seamless access to interior living space. However, there are significant drawbacks to attached garages that deter homeowners:

  • Difficult to fit onto a narrow lot
  • Poses a security risk
  • Increased fire danger
  • Difficult to broaden
  • Can jeopardize a home’s outside appearance
  • When built, more expensive construction permits may be required.

The most significant disadvantage of an attached garage is frequently security. An unprotected garage is easy to break into, especially if an electric opener is used, and can offer a thief direct, unwelcome access to your home.

Fantastic Alternative

Attached garages allow you to access your garage, cars, or whatever else you store in your garage without ever having to leave your house. This is a fantastic alternative for folks who want to park their automobiles inside and avoid having to brush snow off their car in the winter. An attached garage protects their vehicle from getting too hot in the summer and dealing with any other extreme weather that may impact your car, such as hail. Because you’re building onto an existing wall and heating and plumbing infrastructure, adding an attached garage to your house may end up being less expensive. It also conserves yard space, which is beneficial for families with children or dogs.

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It does, however, have some drawbacks. Increasing the size of an attached garage, for example, is far more difficult, if not impossible. The design is inextricably linked to the architecture of the house, and obtaining a permit for expansion will be a more costly and challenging effort.

Various things outside your control can influence the type of garage you wind up with if you build a new one on your home. Depending on the size of the lot you’re building on, you may only be able to install an attached built garage if it’s a tiny area.

Converting Your Attached Garage

Converting this type of garage into a living space or entertainment zone is trickier, but it isn’t impossible. First of all, the homeowners must determine how they want to use the garage in the future. Improvements such as soundproofing, insulation and lighting can then be made to make the garage friendlier for residents to dwell in. With the proper installation of these additions, anyone inside the garage will feel like he or she is just inside one of the rooms of the house.

An Attached Garage offers the most convenient solution for homeowners who are in need of an additional room for their homes. The closeness to the original structure soon eliminates the idea of the structure being a garage. Pretty soon, this structural garage addition can easily turn into one of the most favorite centers in the house.

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