A detached garage is a type of garage that is not in any way joined structurally with any other building. This makes this type of garage appear as a separate structure from a house, standing on its own space within the property of the owner. The separation and the flexibility of placement makes a detached garage an appealing option for a lot of homeowners who are interested to build their own garage. Not only does it solve practical problems like space limitations beside the house itself. It fortunately adds a lot of benefits into the plate because of its very nature.

Advantages of a Detached Garage

A garage that is erected separately from a house can give a number of advantages to homeowners. What is most apparent is that the owners can have free rein on the size that they want the garage to be. In contrast to an attached garage, detached structures need not be limited by the size of the main structure itself. Furthermore, owners can have more options when customizing the amenities of the garage.

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No matter the proposed function, a garage that is detached from the main structure or home can give multiple benefits. Privacy is especially achieved by such a setting. This type of garage can be placed anywhere in the lot, and can easily be screened from the prying eyes of neighbors and those inside the home. Soundproofing will not also pose a problem. In contrast, most attached garages can prove to be problematic for noise management since common walls can easily transmit unwanted sounds from garages to the homes. This can be especially unmanageable if the garage is used as a workshop, a practice area for musicians and an entertainment center.

Finally, this type of garage also offers a lot of improvement possibilities on the home itself. Without the added space and driveway clearance needed to access the garage, the homeowners can instead plan on constructing a patio, deck or even improve the landscaping surrounding their houses.

Uses of a Detached Garage

Other than simply serving as a storage facility for vehicles and other equipment, a detached garage can serve as a workshop, office and even a small cottage that can serve as a convenient getaway for anyone in the house. Perhaps one of the best advantages of owning this type of garage is installing a living space on its second floor area. This garage makes the best alternative for houses that need additional guest rooms in the long run. The flexibility in size and the possibility of customizations make this easy to achieve.

A house that unfortunately lacks extra rooms will benefit from a detached garage. Whether the garage is converted into entertainment centers, lounges, study and hobby areas or guest rooms, they provide the quickest solutions versus home renovations. In the same line, they are also serve as the most affordable solution to space limitations at home, and make the best option for home improvements to homeowners who need additional dwelling spaces.

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