2 car metal garageIndividuals who would like the best possible protection for their cars at the most valuable price in the market should opt for a 2 car garage. This type of garage is specifically built to accommodate two cars, with room enough for passengers to move around and store a few items in the structure.

This comes in many materials, sizes and designs, and buyers will not run out of options when they finally choose to purchase their own garage.

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No matter the type and the make, a simple and nifty 2 car garage can provide sufficient security for all types of vehicles, whether against the elements or against crime.

Materials Used In a 2 Car Garage

Many construction materials make up a 2 car garage. This gives buyers options to choose from depending on the budget they have at hand. The type of construction material also ensures that vehicles will have ample protection on certain kinds of environments. The choice of construction material should depend on the buyers’ capacity to maintain these structures to greatly improve their life. Following are the most common types of construction materials used to build garages:

Wood garages: Plywood is often used to construct garages. These are pressure-treated to ensure stability and strength. Other types of wood include cedar and pine, which may be chosen for their unique grain and natural integrity. Wood garages are highly favorable because they require fewer permits in some areas. They are also appealing because of their natural insulating properties.

Vinyl garages: Garages made of vinyl combine great exterior protection and affordability. Vinyl is an engineered plastic, which makes it highly resistant to degradation caused by weather. Because of this, vinyl can be used in any type of environment. Unlike wood and metal, vinyl does not rot or corrode. They can also be made to mimic the texture of wood, giving a 2 car garage a natural and classic finish.

Metal garages: Metal garages may be expensive compared to wood and vinyl, but they offer guaranteed protection against impact damages. They are also highly versatile and flexible, and projects of any size are guaranteed stability and durability all the same. What is most appealing about metal as a construction material is that it is highly resistant to fire and can offer an all-around protection in any climate.

2 Car Garage Designs

A 2 car garage can come in many different colors, designs, sizes and themes. A typical two car garage of this type has 2 garage doors, a sloping roof, side windows and a door. Garages with higher roofs or barn-type and A-frame garages can also be purchased by those who are interested in the garages’ unique design. For those who have a certain look in mind, some garage manufacturers also provide customization.


While a two car garage serves its purpose of protecting two vehicles under one roof, the extra space offered by the second carport can suitably serve as a tool shed or storage room for the household to use. This makes this type of garage ideal even for those who only have one car to store.

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