Utah Prefab Garages

Utah Prefab Garages

Utah prefab garages are becoming more and more popular due to the relative affordability compared to site-built garages. When looking for a Utah prefab garage, many factors need to be considered during your search.

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  • Location & Directions – First, do you know where the pre-fab garage is being manufactured? If not, the next step would be to find out how far it will need to travel. Pre-fab garages typically travel by trailer and range from a few miles or hundreds of miles depending on where you live and the company. During your search for Utah, prefab garages look around the neighborhood you like and compare prices between garages in surrounding cities as well. Generally, the more garages in a certain location, the higher your cost will be.
  • Style & Design – All Utah prefab garages come with a standard design and layout; however, they can look very different depending on what options you choose during your purchase. You have many choices for design and style, such as custom colors with a durable rust-resistant finish, different window styles and designs, enhanced insulation with the option of a second heater to keep your garage warm during the winter months. Additional options can include other pull-down doors for easy loading and unloading of equipment, cabinets, shelves, or workbenches that cost extra.
  • Size Matters – The size of your Utah prefab garage is extremely important and should be one of the first things you consider when looking for a pre-fab. The size or dimensions of your garage will depend on what you plan to use it for, such as how many cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. that you plan to store inside. Measure the length and width of your desired vehicle(s) and compare those numbers to the size of the garage you are considering. This will ensure your cars fit inside the Utah prefab garage.
  • Price – The price of a pre-fab Utah garage can vary greatly depending on location, size, design, and options added during purchase. As with any home improvement project, the size and location of your garage will influence the price. Thus, always compare at least three prices before making a purchasing decision to avoid overpaying for an item you could receive for much less money elsewhere.

In Salt Lake City, UT, there’s a new option for homeowners and businesses looking to find shelter. Prefab metal garage companies can now install prefab shelters throughout the area so you can replace your old garage with one that rises above the rest. If you need more information about this service before making a purchase, contact local suppliers today, and they should be able to answer all of your questions.

What are prefab steel buildings/garages?

A prefab garage is a building that is usually pre-fabricated, so it has been put together in sections on the manufacturing site. This means it can be shipped to where you want to install it and constructed on or near your land. It makes collaboration between the construction team and the owner easier since there is far less risk of damage during transport, although some companies will offer optional transporting services. 

These types of buildings are ideal for anyone who needs extra storage space but doesn’t have enough room for more than one vehicle. They may also be used as workshops or home offices if the steel structure is large enough.

How big can they be?

The size of prefab metal garages varies greatly. They can be just a few feet wide and have a low-pitch roof for car storage, or they could be as big as 80 feet long and 20 feet high. They are measured in square foot area.

What’s the difference between a prefab building and a prefab garage?

A prefab building is used for various uses, including garages, workshops, barns, homes, offices, and more. A prefab garage is the same thing to most people, but it has one door instead of two. And since garages are always attached to a home or building, you can’t get in without opening another door.

What types of materials are used for Utah prefab garages?

Utah prefab garages are made from a steel frame with metal siding and roofing.

How long does it take to build a prefab garage?

It takes about three weeks for a normal-sized one-car garage to be built. However, if you want special options or add-ons, that might add to the time.

Can I order one custom-made to my specifications?

Yes, most prefab metal companies will work with you to design and build a garage according to your specific needs. They can even match the color of your house if they have it in stock. However, they usually only have a few basic models with a few variations, so don’t expect a huge amount of customization options.

How is it installed?

Utah prefab garages are usually installed on-site by driving steel piles into the ground, which serve as anchors for the structure. This way, they’re fastened down securely against strong winds and storms. The rest can be done by hand by unskilled labor or with an installation kit that attaches the building to the foundation of your house or other structure.

How much do Utah prefab garages cost?

The costs of these metal buildings depend on many factors, including size, quality, and location. A simple single-car prefab garage might cost around $7000 for materials only, while a larger multi-stall unit could run over $6000 per foot for construction alone. Installation can add several thousand more to the total bill.

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What are prefab metal garages made of?/Prefab Metal Building Materials

Prefab steel garages are steel framed with insulation options available; they can be finished in masonry paint, vinyl, or self-finish paint stripping. Windows may be fixed or adjustable, although most will have fixed side windows with an option for opening casements on the end wall.

Are these buildings secure?

Prefab garages are built to the same high standards as other steel buildings and have been known to resist even an attempt from a professional thief. They come standard with locking doors and sliding security shutters on every opening to keep your belongings safe from harm.

Can I add special features?

Most prefab metal companies offer optional extras for a small fee, including insulation that matches your house, exterior panel colors, or upgrades such as glass windows instead of traditional garage doors. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s available for your structure because you could pay less by specifying parts in advance rather than buying them after they’re installed.

What kind of warranty comes with a steel garage?

A typical warranty will range from 5-25 years for non-prorated coverage from the date of delivery. Some companies may offer options for a pro-rated warranty where claim requests are only covered under certain conditions, such as claims that file within 30 days of installation or during the first year after purchase. Claims can usually be filed with a representative of your prefab metal building company to handle filing and possible repairs required to fix issues after an initial inspection has been made.

Can I choose colors?

Some companies will have certain color options available at no extra charge. In contrast, others may require an additional fee depending on the number or type of colors you want your shelter to be painted in before it’s installed on-site. Ask about this early so you don’t get any surprises later on when paying for something advertised as a standard feature.

Is it difficult to clean the walls?

Most prefab metal garages are finished in masonry paint, which can be pressure washed as often as needed. However, some companies may offer a choice of colors or other finishes that require special cleaners to keep them from damaging or deteriorating after time has passed. Some even have a powder-coated finish which requires no exterior maintenance at all, so they will look new for your entire stay if you prefer a garage that’s always shiny and never fades.

How do I maintain this type of building?/How Long Will It Last?

A good quality prefab metal garage should last 30 years or more with minimal care, possibly longer depending on climate conditions and environmental factors such as severe weather that could cause damage over time.

What about the surroundings?

Prefab garages can be installed on almost any surface, including hardcore (a concrete base embedded with steel mesh), grass, or soil, which means they can be moved to different locations without too much difficulty. Asphalt or gravel may work if you’re planning to stay in one location for many years, but they won’t last long on soft ground that may cause it to sink or crack after only a few months have passed if not properly supported.

Who is responsible for installation?

Your prefab metal building company should send a crew to your location with all the tools and equipment needed to install your shelter, which is usually done in one day unless it’s very large or heavy. The company should have an experienced crew consisting of experts who know how to put together structures quickly without damaging them so they can be stored away if needed until you need them again later on.

Is there anything I should avoid doing before or during installation?

Avoid putting pressure on any part of your shelter that has just been built because it could warp slightly. Some companies may require you to keep visitors away from the structure while others are more relaxed on this rule, but it may be necessary for you or your crew to move things around inside the garage before it’s finished.

What about pest control?

Most companies will exterminate any insects or rodents before construction is begun, so they don’t infest your new shelter after installation if some remain alive in the walls or other areas that are difficult to clean. After construction has been completed and before your prefab metal building is moved onsite, some buildings may require additional treatments to keep vermin away from living quarters once they’re occupied. 

If unsure whether this will apply to you, ask how long it takes to have your shelter treated so you can plan accordingly. What if I need repairs later on? After moving an insect-free prefab garage onsite, it can be treated just like any other building. Hence, if there’s ever a problem with your shelter that could affect the exterior or interior, just call your supplier, and they should send someone out to take care of the issue as soon as possible.

When does my warranty start?

Your warranty shouldn’t begin until your prefab metal building is finished and installed at its final location, so you shouldn’t have to pay for anything to get started, whether it’s months or years before you need it for storage or living space needs. Many companies offer a one-year warranty for an extra fee, but most will cover their product from day one under normal circumstances.

What about new options?

Some prefab garages may come with special features such as electricity and insulation directly from the factory so that it’s ready to be used when you need them. That means there should be no additional wiring or insulation required. Hence, everything is already in place for you whenever you’re ready to begin using your shelter for storage, parking vehicles, or something else altogether.

Do you need a permit for prefab metal buildings before installation?

You should check with your local building department to see if there’s a requirement for inspections and/or permits before using your shelter so they can declare it safe and up to code. The company that creates your prefab metal garage will take care of this process as part of the overall service, which includes full setup, but it never hurts to double-check that everything is in order.

Some people might think these garages are expensive compared to regular models because they’re built from aluminum instead of wood or brick. But think again about how long it would take to put together a wooden structure and pay someone else who specializes in taking care of such issues. 

You’ll do all the work yourself and won’t have to pay a premium for experienced labor, which means you might save money in the long run instead of hiring a crew. Of course, that’s not true if you’re doing something else with your shelter, but when it comes to keeping your tools and equipment safe from the elements, metal is one of the best options available these days.

What type of flooring will be used?

Car metal garages also offer a solid floor that can be painted and won’t need to be cleaned over and over again to keep it looking nice. The interior of these buildings is usually divided into separate compartments, so you might want to ask the company building your prefab metal garage what kind of flooring will be used so you can plan ahead when it comes time for renovations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re installing something yourself or hiring a crew. Knowing what kind of flooring will be used in advance is always helpful when budgeting for the project.

What about insulation?

Some places are extremely hot during certain times of the year, while others get more snowfall than they know what to do, which means choosing an area without much insulation could be problematic. Metal garages are available with or without insulation, so you’ll want to ask how much that type of shelter will protect your belongings which means they might need more room than an uninsulated garage if the weather is especially harsh where it’s located.

What about lighting?

Lighting can be added during installation, but it also depends on the building model itself because some prefab metal garages offer lots of natural lighting. In contrast, others aren’t designed for maximum airflow, so you need to pick something appropriate for what you plan to do inside. This might seem like a trivial issue compared to all the other important things you need to think about. Still, it really isn’t when you consider how expensive electricity costs are these days, even if only turning on a few lights can add up quickly.

What about openers?

Some models have a special door opener installed in the garage to open it automatically. In contrast, others require you to install your own remote opener to automate things. It’s worth noting that these doors are often much heavier than regular ones, so you might need to reinforce doorways to accommodate them when they’re closed, which professionals should handle when possible. Also, anyone who plans on driving a vehicle into the shelter needs to make sure there’s enough clearance for large trucks because these metal garages won’t allow for too much maneuverability compared to other types of shelters.

How much will it cost me?

Metal prefab garages can be very expensive, but that’s not always the case because you might be able to negotiate a deal depending on what you plan on doing with your shelter. For example, if you just need something to keep your lawnmower out of the way and don’t care about insulation or lighting, why pay for features you’re not going to use? Have someone look at your plans and see if there’s anything they can do so you get more space for less money, even though it will be constructed from aluminum instead of wood or brick.

The estimated metal garage prices in Utah are as follows:

  • one car metal garages cost around $5,320 installed
  • two car metal garages cost around $8,500 installed
  • three car metal garages cost about $11,680 installed
  • four car metal garages are estimated to cost between $14,850 and $16,970

What else should I know before choosing a model?

Many places specialize in metal garages, so they probably won’t install equipment such as breaker boxes, plumbing lines, and wiring unless it’s part of their regular service package. You’ll have to hire a different company if you want your metal shelter connected to the power grid and plumbed for water, making installation a little more difficult because of how heavy these garages can be. Putting a breaker box, furnace, or other appliance inside an uninsulated building isn’t recommended unless it’s part of what you will use the garage for.

If you need something large enough for multiple cars as well as farming equipment that might require several hours of work every day, then choose a model that has insulation installed from the factory, which means installation should be fairly straightforward compared to other types where you’ll have to deal with the differences between what the dealer is willing to install and your existing setup.

These shelters usually come with everything you need, so you don’t have to hire external companies to build what you want, which can be costlier per square foot than buying a finished product that has everything inside the shelter ready to go.

What else do I need?

Carefully think about how much open space you’re willing to sacrifice for your new garage because not everyone is allowed to install this type of shelter on their property by zoning laws. Metal garages are usually larger than most prefabricated buildings. It means they might not be placed in certain communities where using 100% of your land isn’t possible if it’s near other houses or even commercial areas. It is because metal shelters often require an area 50ft wide and 25ft deep, which is enough room for one car plus some additional storage space.

What else do I need to know?

Metal garages are very customizable, which means you can even accept delivery if the dealer doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Still, they’ll probably ask you where it should be placed once it’s unloaded so they can measure beforehand to see how much work needs to be done before installation.

Unlike buying a car or boat that might depreciate in value, metal garages will probably hold their resale value better than other types because there aren’t many places that sell structures built from aluminum steel regularly these days. If conditions allow, buyers also often use their shelter as a workshop since it gives them enough room than a standard garage and still has storage space if required depending on the model.

What is the difference between a metal garage and a steel building?

Metal garages are similar to traditional buildings in some respects, but there are still plenty of differences, including how they’re built, what materials are used in their construction, and why you might choose one over the other for your own needs. Both structures typically require at least two people to install them, which means you’ll need enough room on your property to house the shelter when it’s not being used.

There are usually more customization options with metal garages than most prefabricated buildings. It means you don’t have to accept certain conditions that could limit what else can be done before installation, like with similar structures made from different types of material.

What are the different uses of metal buildings?

Most metal garages are often used as workshops to house things like motorcycles, boats, lawn equipment, and as metal carports or metal barns, which gives you more open space than a standard garage. Compared to other types of prefabricated buildings such as steel storage buildings, metal garages usually have a higher starting price because they’re built from materials that aren’t nearly as common as what’s found in other shelters.

What are the different roof styles for metal garages?

Metal garages usually have more than one type of roof style. Some dealers will even allow you to choose how it should look before installation, which is usually why pricing might vary depending on the dealer you’re dealing with. Metal carports are often built using A-frames which means they’re stronger than most other garage types but tend to be more expensive due to the number of materials required for construction.

What comes with a metal carport?

Steel carports usually come with a floor for storage, a choice in roof style, and even a door that can be installed, which means you’ll have everything you need to get started. Since most builders will include plumbing, insulation, and electrical wiring, you don’t have to worry about it. Later on, they usually aren’t as difficult to install as expected.

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