Washington Prefab Garages

Washington Prefab Garages

Washington prefab garages are the perfect accessory for the home whether it is a metal garage or a workshop. They can be placed virtually anywhere on your property and serve as a functional storage building for smaller equipment, cars, boats, and more!

Washington prefab garages come in a variety of sizes to ensure that you find the right option for whatever space you have available. The prefab garages are built to withstand the elements and can handle extreme temperatures.

Once you have decided on which prefab steel garage best fits your needs, your captain will personally walk you through the entire process from start to finish. He will coordinate with you on delivery time, placement of your garage building and he even has actual crews that complete the construction!

Once the construction is complete, you can expect to have a metal garage that looks great and functions exactly how you want it to. Washington prefab garages are built with pride in the United States by skilled craftsmen who take their work seriously. They are so confident in their building abilities that they offer a warranty on all of their prefab metal garages.

Washington prefab garages are offered in a variety of colors to ensure that they perfectly match your home and the surrounding area. All metal buildings come with optional windows, doors, heating and cooling options, shelving units, and more! You can add additional add-ons or customize your garage once you have received it.

Washington prefab garages are practical, beautiful and affordable. They can add immense value to your home while giving you a space to store all of the tools that you need to enjoy this life!

Prefab Metal Building/Metal Garage FAQs

1. Why should I order a garage made of steel?

Steel is extremely strong and can hold up to the elements better than most other building materials. It is corrosion-resistant, so it will not rust or lose its paint job. A steel garage can also hold up to just about anything that comes thrown at it.

2. How long does it take to build a garage?

It can vary depending on the size and add-ons that you choose. The average time is about ten business days from start work to completion of the garage building.

3. How long does it take for my Washington prefab garage to be delivered?

Typically, your metal garage will only take a few days to arrive after you place your order.

4. How do I decide what size of garage building I need?

You need to figure out the largest piece of equipment that you will be stored in your new garage building and then look at the different sizes that are offered by Washington prefab garages. Most metal buildings will have additional options for shelving, windows, doors, and more.

5. How do I keep my garage clean?

There are plenty of options available for cleaning out your new garage building. You can line the floor with a heavy-duty tarp to catch any spills that may occur while you are working on equipment or just use some compressed air to get rid of sawdust after you finish your projects. There is also an option for adding drop-down curtains to help keep debris inside when not in use.

The exterior and interior surfaces of the steel building are easily wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge to keep them looking their best throughout the years. If you would like, you can also use an air compressor to blow off any sawdust from inside of your metal building when finished working on machinery or projects.

6. How do I maintain my prefab garage?

It is important that you keep all surfaces wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge regularly, especially if there are chemicals used in the equipment you are storing inside of your building. Add-ons like shelves, cabinets, and workbenches can make cleaning out debris much easier by providing additional storage solutions while keeping everything off of the floor.

7. Can I add heat and/or air conditioning to my Washington prefab garage?

Yes! You can add heating, cooling, shelving units, and more depending on the size of your order. It would be worth consulting with your captain before placing an order if these options were important for you to have.

8. What is the warranty on my new prefab garage?

Most prefab metal buildings come with a lifetime warranty. Washington metal garage builders stand behind their products and work hard to make sure that you are satisfied with your building for years to come!

9. How long will my Washington prefab garage last?

Your steel building should be able to withstand just about anything that comes its way in terms of weather and general wear and tear. It is built with pride in the United States by skilled craftsmen who take their work seriously so they offer a warranty to back up their reputation. Once construction is complete, you can expect it to retain its beauty and functionality for many years to come!


10. Can I add custom add-ons to my steel building?

Yes! Most of the time, you can add additional features and options once your units are fully assembled. This will help to ensure that it meets all of your needs after it has arrived on site.

11. What type of lighting is available for a Washington prefab metal garage?

Typically, there will be an option for adding overhead fluorescent lights to your prefab. You will also be able to add wall-mounted LED lights to the interior of your building regardless of its size or shape.

12. How thick are the walls in my Washington prefab garage?

The thickness varies depending on which model you choose but it is typically three-quarter-inch structural grade steel which is very thick and durable. Some of the larger prefab metal garages are built with two-inch-thick walls for extra strength.

13. How long does it take to assemble my prefab garage?

It takes about three days to lay out all of the parts, put them together, and then bolt everything into place on site. After that, they just need a few more hours to ensure that everything is secure including setting up doors, windows, heating/cooling units, lighting, and more!  

14. How far in advance do I need to order my new metal building?

 Typically there will be an option for you to select an arrival date after your purchase so you can plan ahead whenever possible. Depending on where you live and when you place your order, it may take anywhere from two to four weeks for your prefab metal garage to be set up.

15. Do I need a building permit?

Each state has different rules and regulations about what type of metal buildings can be constructed on-site. It would be best to check with your local township or city hall before purchasing a building so you can see if you will need a permit for your prefab metal garage.

16. How much will new steel buildings cost?

That will depend on the size of the building that you want and the add-ons like windows, doors, and heating units that you would like included with your purchase. Most prefab metal building suppliers offer multiple options at various price points so we highly recommend consulting with them directly to help determine which model is right for you based on your individual needs.

17. Where can I buy a prefab metal building?

Many different suppliers sell these types of buildings so start by researching the businesses in your area. If you find a few places that seem to have a lot to offer, then check out their websites and compare online reviews before making any decisions about where you would like to buy from.

18. Where can I get financing for my prefab metal garage?

Multiple financing options are available. Typically, there will be an option for adding financing directly through the supplier especially if it is a business based in the US so this could save you time and money overall! They may also offer leasing options depending on how long you plan to keep the structure as well as other fees that come with purchasing

19. What method of payment is available?

You can use a standard credit card, check or PayPal to make your purchase with most metal buildings suppliers. You may also have the option to pay that amount in full upfront or even finance at some shops which will help spread out the cost over time as you pay it back with interest if needed.


20. Will my Washington prefab garage come with a warranty?

Yes! Most pre-engineered steel buildings are covered by a lifetime structural warranty so you can be sure that they will stand strong for many years to come on your private property without any issues. If something does go wrong due to normal wear and tear, you

21. How much does it cost to add a door or window to metal garages?

You can expect to pay between $70 and $125 per door while windows will run anywhere from $90 to $200 depending on the type of glass that is used. You can also add skylights into your building which typically cost about $75 apiece although it is a good idea to check with your supplier first before purchasing them online or elsewhere since they often carry their brand name units which are designed especially for high winds and other harsh weather elements in coastal areas.

22. How do I go about acquiring financing for my Washington prefab garage?

You can apply for financing before purchasing your prefab garage or after depending on the size of your budget. Most banks will approve loan requests up to 50% of the total cost so make sure you discuss this with one of their business representatives before committing to anything.

If you already know that you cannot afford the amount that you want, consider looking into available options like bank loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) which provide much lower interest rates than what’s offered by large companies like Chase or Wells Fargo. You may also want to look into applying for a low-interest rate credit card online through sites like Credit Karma where it typically takes less than five minutes to see if you qualify.

23. What type of warranty do I receive on my prefab garage?

Top-selling metal garages often come with a one-year warranty. Most metal garage building providers also offer an extended 10-year warranty if you want to add it onto your purchase for an additional charge and will honor any claims that you make within the first six months or first 100 days, whichever comes first. If there is damage/wear and tear due to regular use, they only cover repair costs but if it’s caused by a manufacturer defect then they will replace the whole building.

24. How do I know which building type meets my local zoning code requirements?

Make sure your metal garages meet FEMA standards and are approved in many coastal areas across the United States. We recommend consulting with your local building department before purchasing to ensure that everything meets their specifications and zoning requirements.

Some towns require special setbacks and minimum lot sizes which you will want to discuss with them directly before committing if you aren’t sure about any of the rules or regulations that exist in your area.

25. What size structure do I need?  

That depends on how many cars, ATVs, motorcycles or boats you plan on storing so it’s important to take measurements beforehand before making any final decisions. Contact your provider for assistance by phone or email if you have questions at any time throughout the process of ordering and setting up your new metal garage on site.

26. Which one is better: a metal building or a portable garage?

This depends on your needs. Metal garages are more permanent since they have a foundation that will not blow away in high winds or wash away during heavy downpours. Portable garages can be moved if necessary but you must take them apart first for them to be manageable which means the flooring, walls, ceilings, and roof panels must all be accounted for before taking them apart so nothing gets lost or damaged en route.

The metal building is also made of steel so it’s much sturdier than wood construction while their galvanized surface resists corrosion which adds years onto its overall life span compared to other materials like aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass.

27. Do they come with insulation?

No, this is something you’ll have to purchase separately since there are different thicknesses of styrofoam insulation used on each building so check with your metal garage manufacturer to see what thickness you’ll need based on the local climate where you live.

28. What type of insulation do I need?

There are several options and it depends on whether you want to save money on utilities by reducing energy costs or if you live in a colder climate where insulation is critical for comfort. Most common types of insulation are as follows:

R19 blue board insulation with R6 foam backer rod and 2×4 metal siding (not available for all models)

2″ thick polyurethane insulation with 1/2″ OSB panels wrapped in steel studs and welded seams

1-3/4″ thick polyurethane insulation with 3/8″ OSB panels and welded seams

29. Are there any special delivery requirements?

Another thing that makes Washington prefab garages across the country different from each other is whether they are delivered via freight truck or on a flatbed truck. The latter can only go one place which is your driveway so it’s important to do some research beforehand if you have a busy road in front of your home that has a lot of traffic going past or if there are any other obstacles that might obstruct the path from the street to where the prefab metal building will be installed around your property.

Most building experts typically use their own fleet of trucks for delivery and installation but they also partner with another company that specializes in delivering onto residential properties. Many metal garages cannot be delivered via regular mail because they are too large to fit down residential streets without damaging paved surfaces, tree roots underneath roads and underground utility lines so it’s best to double-check with your local municipality first before making a firm purchase commitment to see if they are suitable for this type of service.

30. How long does it take to build a metal garage?

Most metal garage manufacturers take around 8-12 weeks from start to finish which is the length of time that it takes to have one shipped over from their facility where they assemble all models before distributing them nationwide. It usually just depends on how many orders they receive at any given time since each metal garage is built per order so you can expect yours sooner depending on how far away you live.

31. Do I need building inspections afterward?

Yes, but this will depend on where you live and what of services are available to determine whether or not it’s required by law to have a new metal garage inspected and approved so you can place your own stamp of approval on the construction/installation. This is another great benefit of prefab metal buildings since they are considered “manufactured homes” under the building code.

Some manufacturers do not provide any inspection or permit services for their customers but they do offer an optional installation service where they will build it for you at an additional cost that varies depending on which state you live in and how far away from Washington DC their transport truck has to travel before unloading the structure at the site of your choice.

metal building delivery truck

32. Are there any delivery charges?

Another detail many companies neglect to mention when quoting a price is whether setup fees are included in the total cost or not so it’s important to ask this question so you know upfront how much of a commitment there will be on your end to get around installation which can range anywhere between $1,000 – $2,000 depending on the size and type of prefab metal building you choose.

33. Can I customize my metal garage?

Absolutely! One thing about prefabs is that they offer more choices than regular one-size-fits-all storage buildings so you can rest assured that it will fit on a tight budget and a time crunch since they don’t require any foundation installation on your end so there’s no need to have an excavator out to dig holes or pour concrete for this purpose.

You will have the choice of building material, paint colors, roofing type as well as interior room configurations which is important if you want multiple rooms with different floor plans inside but some companies charge extra for these upgrades.

34. What kind of warranty do they offer?

All car metal garages come standard with a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty which covers any defects in workmanship or materials that leads to any structural problems with the roof, walls, windows and doors. Hence, there’s no need to pay extra for this which is a common practice among most metal building manufacturers.

In addition to this included warranty, some manufactures offer a 2 year/24 month service agreement for an additional fee which covers everything from labor and replacement parts plus free inspections once every 12 months if you want them repaired or replaced after experiencing damage due to natural weather conditions like hail or strong winds.

35. Will metal buildings rust?

It’s important to remember that even though these units are built using steel construction they will eventually begin corroding over time if you are living in an area where it rains frequently so if this happens to your building, you should consider having it painted with a rust-resistant paint which will cost around $1.75 – $2 per square foot depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation for each type of metal used inside these prefab buildings so keep this in mind when considering any warranty terms that come standard with your order.

For example, some metal garage manufacturers offer free touch-up paint every time they rebuild one of their metal buildings but they recommend that you act quickly since there’s no guarantee that the same color will be available after 3 to 6 months have gone by since the initial painting was completed.

metal building assembly


36. Do I have to assemble a pre-engineered metal garage myself?

Unlike traditional wood buildings, all metal buildings come unassembled so you must put them together yourself unless you upgrade to pre-assembly which costs around $1,000 more than ground delivery and scheduled installation.

37. How long until I am allowed to move in once it’s built?

Most manufacturers of metal buildings recommend you to wait at least 30 days before moving your belongings into outdoor storage sheds and metal garages since these are considered ‘shipping containers’ until they are fully assembled.

38. What other costs should I expect?

Your steel building will come standard with only one window but you can upgrade to include more for an additional fee of around $100 per window or $150 for larger size windows that slide open vertically like double-hung windows. This same pricing usually also applies to the door since it comes standard as a double-wide cargo door (6ft x 4ft) but adds around $200 extra for upgrades like sliding doors and Dutch doors which offer separate panels on each side for better ventilation.

39. Are metal buildings tall enough to stand up in?

Yes, these metal buildings are tall enough to walk or work inside but keep in mind that you will need larger doors (8ft wide) if you plan on parking your car inside. Otherwise, the standard 6ft x 4ft door won’t accommodate most sedans so it’s best to have a custom quote.

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Quonset Hut Kits vs Metal Buildings: Compare Prices & Plans

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We help you design the Prefab Garage you want.